Who are we?

St. Louis is Our Hometown

St. Charles is our hometown. We grew up here. We live here. We work here. Who knows, you and I may even be neighbors.

The thing is, we know St. Charles. We know its neighborhoods – we go to Augusta for Wine, hit Main Street during the holidays, for shopping, night-life and know Busch Wildlife is the place to get away from the city and enjoy the great outdoors. We were here when they closed the Arc, going to the Casino included a 2 hour boat ride and know one of the best steaks in town is inside a bowling alley. We remember when the Family Arena and Page Extension were built and can remember when Wentzville was actually country.

But most of all, we know its real estate market . . . because we live in the market. Our decisions are made based on the same trends that your family experiences right down the street.

MISSION STATEMENT- Our Mission is to make a difference in the lives of our clients, customers and each other to achieve “The American Dream of Homeownership”.  Together, building life long relationships, always working towards keeping our community strong and “The Place to Live”… Together we can make a difference.

What we’re about

All real estate companies are not created equally. Just ask our agents! Let them tell you about the culture we have created within our office. It defines who we are as an office and company.

The office operates in a friendly, family type environment always willing to help anyone while having respect for each other. We are an extremely active group involved within our LOCAL community and charities.

It’s the best environment on the planet for an agent to succeed. Our office and company have the absolute best tools, training and support staff available. We set expectations high and hold each other accountable to achieve them. Our agents, staff and company are passionate about real estate, this office, company and community.

***WARNING*** This office houses the most tech savvy, cutting edge, hardest working realtors on the PLANET. If you hire one of these agents to help purchase or sell your home, you better start packing.

If you just want to stop by or see what is going on, feel free to contact me or visit our office blog page- http://www.pspstcharles.wordpress.com

If you are interested in a career in real estate, changing companies or what’s new at BHHS Select Properties, email me, give me a call or visit my website: http://www.career-in-realestate.com


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