Protect Your Home in Extreme Cold

Frozen HomeThis winter is reaping havoc on houses throughout our area. Tons of snow, below freezing/record-breaking temperatures and frigid wind chill just to name a few. Make sure you have a Cold Weather Home Defense in place for your palace.

Like the old saying goes, “sometimes the best offense, is a good defense.” Here’s a few tips that can help your home survive the extreme cold of winter.

  • Freezing Pipes- Open sink-cabinet doors to let warm air in. This is critical for plumbing on an exterior wall of a home. Wrap pipes that are exposed and disconnect all garden hoses.
  • Sinks/Faucets- setting at a constant slow stream can help prevent freezing.
  • Burst Pipes- Know where your water shutoff valve or main shutoff valve is located so you can turn off the water quickly in the event a pipe burst.*
  • Close curtains- Unless there’s warm sunlight coming in, keep
    drapes closed to help insulate your home and keep the warmth inside.*
  • Open Doors & Vents-  Let the warm air flow through your entire home. If there are rooms in your home you don’t frequent, do not close them off from the rest of the home.
  • Cover Cracks at Exterior Doors- The old bath towel or blanket does wonders stopping that draft from windowsills and thresholds.*
  • Landscape Décor- Drain all fountains/bird-baths and bring inside if possible. HouseLogicFrozen water can damage them.*
  • Insulate plants- Add extra mulch or rock around plants to prevent them from sagging, cover them and bring all container plants inside for the winter.*
  • Stay off the roof- Besides being dangerous in cold or windy temps shingles, flashing and siding can be brittle during extremely cold temps. Also clean out your gutters before winter hits to allow melting snow to get off your roof and not weigh down your roof and gutters.
  • Power Outages- Check your emergency kit for working batteries, flashlights and a radio.*

Hopefully you get through the winter trouble-free, but in the event a pipe freezes, burst or the electricity goes out, it’s better to be prepared then “left out in the cold.” Stay warm out there.

*** Some Sources for this blog- Houselogic and AOL Real Estate ***


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