Open House Sign In App for Real Estate

Open House Sign In App for Real Estate-
If you haven’t used the PSP Open House Sign In App you are missing one of the BEST FEATURES on the Prudential Select Properties website system. It does some work for you, saves you time and makes you look smart!

How it works:

When open house visitors come in to the open house ask them to sign in on your computer, tablet or smart phone (instead of scribble illegibly on a piece of paper for you to try to decipher later).

After they put in their info and click the Sign In button, they are added to your website contact list. Then a little later your website sends them an email thanking them for coming to the open house and linking them to the property on your website!

What the Open House sign in app looks like:

What an email sent by the open house app looks like:

It includes a link to your website, a link to the listing and a link to search similar properties!

How To Find and Use the Open House Sign-In Application:
Login your website
Click Properties tab
Click Tools drop down next to the property of your choice
Click Open House Sign-in

A pop up window will appear. Click the drop down next to ‘Add Contacts To:’ and click Create New Group or choose an existing group.
If you are going to use your cell phone or tablet check the box for your preference to Send the Link Via SMS (text) or Send the Link Via Email – otherwise the link will just appear on the next window.
Then click Continue button.

A new screen will appear. Click the link or check your phone or tablet for a text or email with the link so that you can open the sign in app there.

The Open House Sign-In screen will appear. At the top you can adjust how the sign-in screen looks by clicking the drop down next to Layout and Size. Choose how you want it to look and click Close Settings when complete.

Now folks can start signing in! It’s that easy! Just another piece of technology exclusive to Prudential Select Properties Agents. We are “Light Years” ahead of our competitors in Real Estate Technology… Come take our technology for test-drive today…


Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office, 636-720-1100


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