RealBiz Media to build video microsites for Prudential Select Properties listings

Prudential Select Properties2Prudential Select Properties says it hopes to be less dependent on ads from Google by creating video “microsites” for every qualifying listing.

The St. Louis-based brokerage has signed a contract with RealBiz Media Group Inc., which will provide Prudential Select Properties with its “MicroVideo App.” The MicroVideo App provides “fully interactive, freestanding video microsites that are optimized to drive search engine optimization” to Prudential Select Properties’ website, the companies said.

We understand the importance of organic search results,” said Prudential Select Properties COO Gary Lombardo in a statement. “Fighting for organic search results is a more sustainable strategy than bidding for keywords and paying for search engine ads.”

The brokerage, which has more than 500 agents working out of 10 offices, will also realbizwork with RealBiz Media to create listing and community video content “with the understanding that the value of unique content to search engines will help set us apart and move us up in search results,” Lombardo said.

The MicroVideo App will be integrated into each listing on Prudential Select Properties’ website, driving qualified lead generation, which RealBiz Media touts as “a significant advantage to brokers when recruiting agents.”

RealBiz Media Group President and COO Steve Marques said the company expects the MicroVideo App and video tools “to be a key industry product that will be in use on more than 2 million listings by the end of 2013.”

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Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office, 636-720-1100


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