ePrint Printers??? Mobile Printers??? Huge Time Saving Technology!!!

Real estate agents are often out traveling around and cannot easily go by their office to print something. However at Prudential Select Properties, we have ePrint-enabled printers. That means you can print document and pdf attachments from the email on your phone to our HP400 printers in our offices!

printerWhat is an ePrint-enabled printer you ask?
An ePrint-enabled printer connects to the Internet via a wireless network, enabling mobile printing. Many HP printers released in 2010 and later support ePrint and mobile printing.

How to use: (iPhone instructions – should be similar on Android devices)

  1. Turn on your smart phone and make sure that your wi-fi is turned on and that you are connected to the office wireless connection.
  2. Open your Email on your smart phone and pull up the email with the attachment you want to print and click on the attachment to open it
  3. Once opened click on the ‘send to’ icon to send the attachment to the printer
  4. Click the Print icon
  5. Finally click the Print button

It’s extremely user-friendly as you can see, saves a ton of time when you’re in a hurry or just popping into the office for a second. Just another piece of technology offered to Prudential Select Properties and reason number #297 why “PSP IS THE PLACE TO BE!” What are you waiting for???


Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office, 636-720-1100


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