A “Cool” Sale… Summertime Home Selling Tips…

summerhomesaleIn the midst of the summer, adjusting your home to the perfect temperature could be just the ‘ahhh’ factor that can swing a sale. If there are other properties comparable to yours and the only difference is the other property is sweltering and yours isn’t, it could make the difference. A warm home   temperature in the midst of the summer could pose questions to potential buyers like, “Is the air conditioner working efficiently?”, “Will we need to spend a bunch of money on A/C repairs as soon as we purchase this home?”.

The best ‘room temperature’ for someone depends on age, health and activity levels in the environment. Some say room temperature is as low as 65 degrees, while others believe it is as high as 75 degrees. A good rule of thumb would be to keep the home between 68 – 72 degrees. If you are planning to show your home during the summer months the importance of cooling your home cannot be underestimated.

Air conditioning comes in a variety of styles. Since electricity bills can be high, a well-functioning air thermostatconditioning system that is both efficient and suited to the home is very important. Central air conditioning is by far the most popular, due to the fact that it can cool the entire home and doesn’t require   specialized equipment in each room. The functioning elements are located outside the living area, and the cool air is pumped through ducts to the rooms. If you have central air conditioning, keep the home at a reasonable coolness for your showings, and if it is new, has been especially well maintained, or if you have a service contract on it, advertise that fact.
There are other types of air conditioning units, from window models that require mounting inside window frames but only cool a single room, to “split” units that can be installed to cool multiple rooms, with the compressor housed outside and the cooling coils inside the rooms, to “packaged” units that may be installed in various rooms, but require no special duct work. If you have installed one of these types of units, have them on to keep the home at a comfortable temperature and demonstrate their effectiveness. If a unit is particularly noisy or isn’t working well, consider a repair or replacement.
dining roomCeiling fans can be attractive and an important feature in a room’s décor. In addition to providing a cooling breeze, they can move heated air to lower heights in the winter months when high ceilings work against keeping warm. Ceiling fans can be installed outside under a covered porch, or inside,   providing a practical and cost-effective way of affecting a home’s comfort by circulating the air. While window fans or circulating fans may be used to move air, these generally detract from the décor and advertise that your home is not well-equipped to deal with the heat. Minimize the use of these during   showings, if possible.Where sun is a blessing, it may sometimes be a curse. Blinds, shutters, drapery and awnings are all ways that homeowners can control the rays of the sun that heat the home. Keeping blinds and drapery closed on the sunny side of the home during the midday heat can reduce temperatures throughout the home. Of course, you will want them open during a showing, so when possible keep them shut until just before the home will be shown.
During hot summer months there are many ways to adjust your décor to emphasize the cool feeling that you are trying to promote. Consider lightening up the fabrics, choosing cotton or linen over wool or velvets, and stowing the heavy blankets; move to a lighter, more airy color palette. Similarly, remove any items that seem to evoke fall or winter and bring plants and art that underscore summer into your home. You can promote a cool feeling of health and well-being in the home with a few flowers or plants in appropriate places.If your home has a pool or outdoor spa, summer is the time for it to shine. Showcase this feature by having it in fine working condition, and embellish it with chaise lounges and other seating that invites people to it. Put a few towels by the pool to illustrate that it is ready to use. If there are special   features, like a cabana or maintenance tools, or if any system related to the pool has been recently serviced, ensure that potential buyers know about them. A pool provides a cooling element, exercise and health benefits as well as prime entertaining possibilities – all things that can be a benefit to the   future homeowner.
Porches, decks, lanai and patios can extend the living area of a home and provide a   back-drop for backyard2the most memorable days of the year. Pay attention to seating, shade options and placement of things like grills and plants. These areas should appear well-cared for and uncluttered. If they are too sunny, they can be too hot to enjoy, so ensure that viewers can see the utility of these outdoor spaces by attending to the temperature here, too. Large umbrellas or a retractable awning can provide cooling shade, and proximity to a pool or cool breeze can make a difference. When none of that is possible, the addition of plants appropriate to the conditions can visually cool the eye. A   particularly lovely spot could sport a “just use me” look with a pitcher of iced tea and a few glasses on the table, inviting the buyer to take a moment to sample a cool refreshment.Water features may be as small as an indoor fountain or as large as a pond or stream running through the yard, but the sight and sound of water has a cooling and calming psychological effect, inviting people to relax and stay. In hot weather, the evaporation of water combined with a slight breeze is similar to evaporation cooling systems, but with a distinctly natural flare.
Showing your home by night can be a wonderful way to highlight a city view with lights, while also featuring   the cooler night-time breezes. While you cannot control the time of a visit, let it be known that you are open to evening appointments if it is an option. By day or by night, in any season, you are seeking to ensure that your home is the one that buyers remember as “just right” for them.   Controlling the elements of temperature to put “cool” on your side is a great way to promote a summertime sale.


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