All Technology Isn’t Created Equally- 2012 Review and 2013 Look Ahead

All companies claim they have the best tools and technology available for their agents. Yet, most of them don’t even know the difference between a webpage and a website. The problem is almost all companies use the exact same tools and technology offered by their local Boards, MLS, IDX and national websites. They never separate themselves from their competitors. They lack originality, useful tools, reports and lead generation. They all look-alike!!!

Nothing could be further from that at Prudential Select Properties. We are blessed to have a marketing department and relationship with REWS- Real Estate Web Solutions. They’re always looking for ways to improve on the tools and technology,  while keeping it branded to the agent, beneficial to the client and different from our competitors. The gap between us and our competition isn’t even close.

The Marketing Department and REWS have accomplished so much in 2012 and I can’t believe all the technology coming down the pipe in 2013. Click on the picture below for a review of 2012 with our technology and a look ahead at upcoming features available through our agent websites, intranet and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.


<<< Click on the picture or this Link to start the video…

 Prudential Select Properties St. Charles County Office, 6149 Mid Rivers Mall Drive,  636-720-1100.

If you want to take our technology for a test drive, don’t hesitate to email me or give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you…

Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office, 636-720-1100


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