5 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

Intelligence17FIveTipstoMakeYourBathroomStandOutUpdating a bathroom is a great way to increase a home’s resale and the fixes are not too costly or labor intensive.

1. Beautify- Add decorative glass, stone tile or accents. Extra-wide wall tiles are popular and wood cabinets can be embellished with carved inlays.

2. Lighting- Natural lighting can brighten and open up the space. Add more lighting options around the room to reduce shadows and glare. Mood lighting around the tub is also very popular.

3. Bath/Shower- A new soaking tub, seamless glass shower, tile shower or updated shower head can add a spa like atmosphere and do wonders.

4. Update Fixtures- Get rid of that dated hardware. Fixtures in a bathroom are a quick fix and can add great value. From cabinet handles to faucets. Get rid of the gold fixtures. Brushed nickel or other metals is a great way to go. If space permits, add a second sink.

5. Think Green- Going green is the big “Thing” or trend right now. Install fixtures that shower headsave water. A low-flow shower head, low-flow faucet aerator and a dual-flush toilet can save thousands of gallons of water. Energy efficient windows is another easy option.

No matter what your budget is, one constant in real estate is kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. When looking to update your home you can’t go wrong starting in one of those rooms…

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