Free Cyber Monday Online Shopping Tips…

Every year more and more consumers are turning to the internet in lieu of the long lines at the department stores. Cyber Monday offers similar savings and deals that the “die-hard” Black Friday shoppers long for. 

Speaking from experience, I did 90% of my Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday last year! Surprisingly the savings were incredible! As much as 60% at some stores, it was very easy, quick, convenient and kind of fun. The best part, most of the stores offered free shipping to my home or offered to ship to the store for free. 

Here’s a few great tips to consider when Shopping Online for the holidays or anytime

  • Check out the website’s refund and return policies, privacy policies and legal notices.
  • Don’t give out too may details. Online retailers should only require your basic contact details (name, billing address and contact number) and card details in order to process a credit / debit card payment.
  • Be wise about clicking on links in emails from online retailers, as they may be easily forged by cyber-criminals. Make sure you have a spam filter that detects suspicious emails.
  • Use web browser protection and install comprehensive security software which has real-time and browser protection.
  • Keep records of the transaction, including the product description, price and the receipt of payment.

I’m looking forward to the kids going to bed tonight, sitting down in front of the computer and knocking out their Christmas Shopping for the year.  Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!!!

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