Week in Review October 22nd-26th

Monday- Monday was a great day around the office with a ton of activity. Agents were buzzing in and out the entire day. There were 2 property calls on phones, but the hardest part of the day??? Our beloved St Louis Cardinals season and dreams of repeating as world champions came to an end… It was a great season and must see TV none the less.

Tuesday- We continued are Star Series Sales Meetings and the guest speaker was Susan Eilers. Susan spoke to a PACKED office about how to reinvent yourself over the years, running a professional business, accountability, building a brand and even how to approach people. INCREDIBLE information!!! Thank you Susan for sharing. It’s no wonder why you have been successful for 16+ years in this business. The Simms Team treated us to an agent open house and luncheon w/ fabulous baked chicken, veggies, cheese cakes, attendance drawings and giveaways. The afternoon phone shift had 3 property calls.

Wednesday- Melissa Maxwell w/ PHL- Preferred Home Lending made a huge pot of chili and homemade cornbread for her Lunch on Learn class on Bank Rate. The chili and cornbread were awesome! Thanks Melissa! There were 2 property calls on phones.

Thursday- Deb walked into the office in the morning toting a brand new flat screen television that will replace our projector and wall space we use for our meetings, training classes and meeting power points. The new flat screen was accompanied by Apple TV. Everyone can take advantage of this via their iPhones and iPadPat Bastunas had 2 property calls on phones in the afternoon. One is getting pre approved by Melissa w/ PHL and the other Pat showed a renter one of our lease listings and waiting to hear back. Great job Pat!

Friday- As if we haven’t eaten enough food this week, Deb came in this morning and baked homemade pumpkin pies for everyone and of course plenty of whipped cream. We also officially launched a new Facebook Page 365 Things to Do in St. Charles. We are going to post fun events and attractions around our community as well as our charity and social events. It’s in the infant stages, but I think you all will enjoy the content. If you could log on Facebook and LIKE 365 Things to Do in St. Charles and share it with your friends, I would greatly appreciate it. After a few hours I believe Apple TV has been perfected and ready to go for the upcoming sales meeting and training classes next week…

It’s been a crazy, food filled week to say the least, but it’s no wonder why “PSP IS THE PLACE TO BE.”

Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office, 636-720-1100


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