Week in Review October 1st – October 5th

Did you guys miss me while I was on vacation last week or did you miss The Week in  Review Updates? It felt great to get back to work, I think I’m close to being caught up and man did this week fly by. Here’s the skinny on last week and this past week…

Last Week- A lot happened while I was gone last week, but the most important items I want to share with everyone is the growth of our team. Please join me in welcoming Donna Gosnell– Formerly w/ C21 Luetkenhaus and Chase Duke– Formerly w/ Keller Williams Realty West to our Office. We are thrilled they have decided to join us… Back to this week…

Monday- Congrats is in order to quite a few agents, Carrie Gibbs for Closing over $1.5 million in closed business for the year, Pat Bastunas for closing over $2 million in business so far this year, Susan Eilers for $3 million in business so far this year and the Colburn Team for $5 million in closed business so far this year. You all are nothing short of incredible. Keep up the great work…

Tuesday- It felt great to get back to Tuesday morning sales meetings and we had a great one planned. How well do you know the HBA Contract? We had New Construction Sales Contract Trivia; broke the agents up in groups and the group enjoyed Merbs Bionic Candy Apples… YUMMY…

Wednesday- Linda and Kelly Boehmer safely returned from The Prudential Summit in Toronto w/ great info that they will be sharing with us in the coming weeks. Welcome home ladies! The afternoon phone shift had 2 property calls and congrats to Linda Hackett for closing over $1.5 million in business so far this year.

Thursday- The morning and afternoon phone shifts had property calls. Congrats are once again are in order to Rebecca Kaiser for closing over $1 million in business so far this year and The Simms Team for closing over $5 million so far this year in business.

***Thursday also was the Bone Marrow Drive and Chili Cook Off benefiting Dennis Gittemeier, husband of our beloved Bonnie Cavanaugh-Gittemeier. Dennis has a blood disease (MSD) which requires a bone marrow transplant.  His family has all been tested, but are not candidates.  It is critical that they find a bone marrow match.  The event was at the Lions Club at 520 North Benton in St. Charles. For $10 you could try all the chili from the family members, friends and agents. Congrats to Nancy Holschen for winning the cook off. There was also an incredible car show and delicious bakery goods for sale.  Tons of great raffle and auction items as well. If you haven’t already, please order a kit and send in a sample to be a donor. I took me less than 5 minutes to do and was painless. If you have any questions on becoming a donor, please email Bonnie for details. We Love you Bonnie and Dennis and are still praying for you.***

FridayFor everyone that order Shakespeare’s pizza from Kiley Colburn, your pizza’s are in. Please get on the delivery schedule w/ Rick to get your pies brought into the office for pickup. Congrats once again to Carrie Gibbs for closing an extremely tough deal that has fallen apart numerous times, put back on the market, just to get another contract to fall apart again. Carrie never gave up! I’m happy to report it closed this afternoon and as a result she has now closed over $2 million dollars in business so far this year. Great job!!!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks to say the least, but there’s no wonder why PSP IS THE PLACE TO BE!!! Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe, stay dry and by the way, did you hear I caught a shark while on vacation in Florida. A picture for everyone —————————>>> to print off and share with their loved ones or frame for the fireplace mantles. LOL! Congrats to everyone on another great week…

Prudential Select Properties Saint Charles County Office, 636.720.1100


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