10 Red Flags That Turn OFF Homebuyers…

 The average home buyer views around 10 homes before they make a decision. Most of them start searching online 30 to 90 days before they even contact a real estate agent. Today’s buyer is looking for a deal on a “turn-key” home and throwing up red flags even before they write an offer or order any inspections.

 10 Red Flags That Turn OFF Homebuyers 

  1. Mass Exodus- There goes the neighborhood! Are there several other homes for sale in the neighborhood? More vacant lots than homes? Are nearby businesses closing their doors?
  2. Lack of Maintenance- Folks, three layers of roofing isn’t a good thing! Gutters with plants growing out of them isn’t creative gardening or the latest in planting boxes. This is a clear indicator of lack of homeowner care or maintenance. No one and I mean NO ONE will buy a dirty house. Make it Shine!!! Inside and Out!!!
  3. Foundation Failures- Foundation cracks bigger than 1/3 inch need to be evaluated by a professional. Wet and moldy basements are deal killers.
  4. Bad Smells- Take a big whiff inside and outside the home. If you don’t smell any thing besides a huge basket of potpourri, this could be a red flag. A home shouldn’t smell like Kennelwood Village or your Veterinarian’s office.
  5. Faulty or Old Wiring- Make sure all the outlets and switches function properly. Don’t let a simple burnt out light bulb throw up a red flag. Flickering lights, dead circuits, hanging wires, hot face plates and outlets are signs of wiring problems.
  6. Dull Walls- New paint really can spruce up the walls. Paint the entire room; not just one wall. Stay away from dark colors. If you see stains or sagging walls & ceilings, have a professional look  for mold or leaks.
  7. Foggy or Non-Functioning Windows- If you have a fog in your window, chances are you have a broken window seal and they are fairly inexpensive to fix. Window that won’t open or stay open will always throw up red flags.
  8. Locked Doors and Blockades- Don’t put up road blocks during a home tour. Make all rooms easily available and NEVER enclose pets behind closed doors.
  9. Wide Open Spaces- Sure we all love an open floor plan, but was the house always this open. It seems like everyone wants to flip houses today. HGTV makes it look soooo easy! Did the previous owner/flipper renovate it. Have an inspector or engineer look if any load bearing wall has been tampered with.
  10. Bugs! Bug! Bugs!- NO ONE wants a mouse in the house or a roach, rodent, termite or ant for that matter. Make sure there isn’t easy access for these creatures to get in the property.

A well maintained property can bring $$$ thousands $$$ more! The best plan of action is to always contact your local Real Estate Professional and let them walk you through the home. Whether you’re looking to put it on the market to sell or looking to buy, the realtor is always the smart move.

Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office, 636-720-1100



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