Office Contest- Open House 101

We have kicked off another fun contest in the office. We have divided the office in 2 and put everyone on a team. Team 1 Captain is Brandy Harris & Team 2 Captain is Pat Bastunas. The best part of it is the winners will be served by the losing team.

If you’re on the losing team… be prepared to cook. If you’re on the winning team… prepare to be entertained and served!!! No one wants to be on the losing team, so get the agents need to get out there and do some open houses.

There are tons of opportunities left do open houses. Of course weekends are always the preferred time of most, but think outside the box for a moment…

Have you ever considered doing a rush hour open house? What is a rush hour open house you ask? That’s an open house during the week during evening rush hour. Our agents and Prudential Select Properties always do creative (non-traditional) marketing that gets results for our sellers. We set ourselves apart from our competition.

WAIT!!! There is one more verse to the story!!! Do 4 open houses and get one chance to win the grand prize… For every open house over 4, you get an additional chance to win. Everybody has a chance to win. The more opens you do, the more chances you have at helping your team win and winning the grand prize.

The grand prize for this contest is this stainless steel gas grill display with all the utensils, accessories and fixin’s…

The office is providing the BBQ, PHL- Preferred Home Lending will be providing the drinks and Investors Title Company is doing an Ice Cream Social.

Where: The Office     When: April 24th after the sales meeting… Which team will win!!!

Prudential Select Properties St. Charles County Office, 636-720-1100


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