Where are your internet leads going?

FACT: Buyers use their agent’s website more frequently than any other search portal*.

Questions: Where are you driving your Clients? To your website or your broker’s? Is your company’s mobile application branded to you? Or to them? Where do your leads come from? Are you branded on the internet?

Fact: At Prudential Select Properties we give you the latest most powerful technology in the business. PERIOD!

  • YOUR Website
  • YOUR Mobile Application
  • YOUR Leads
  • YOUR Brand

Questions: How many internet leads does your website generate? Where are your website leads going? Who is your company branding?

Prudential Select Properties is always working hard to deliver the latest technology available to our agents and most importantly BRANDED to our agents. Their Your listings, so naturally should be Your leads. If you want to stay light years ahead of the competition, take our technology and lead generation for a “Test Drive”. Don’t hesitate to email me or give me a call.

Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office, 636-720-1100

Sources for this blog*- NAR’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2011


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