Prudential Select Properties up 32%

Prudential Select Properties Outperforms the market again in October. Out performing our competition is a constant theme here! I would love to show and tell you more about PSP.

I know most people hate these out of the blue recruiting messages or phone calls, but we know it’s our agents that make our company.

The market has changed and many agents are looking to a full service company to help offset their expenses, expand their marketing, and offer a non-traditional payout to its agents plus residual income to reward their Sales Associates. We are that company.

If you have ever consider a career in real estate or are currently licensed, I truly respect the fact that you are loyal to your company and broker. In this business loyalty is sometimes hard to come by.

I just wanted to let you know that if you have any concerns about your present company or questions about a new and exciting career, I hope we will make the list of companies you would consider working with. Our door is always open and we would love to talk with you! Thanks!

Prudential Select Properties St. Charles County Office, 6149 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, 63304


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