Is it time to WINTERIZE your vacant home???

Winter is coming soon and if your home is (or may soon be) vacant, it’s time to discuss what “winterization” is and how important it can be. Ultimately, it’s your decision (and expense) if winterization is necessary on your vacant home or not. This is just an important reminder for you to consider before freezing weather is upon us.

Electric or Warm Air Heating Systems

  1. Shut off main water line as close to the service entrance as possible.
  2. Drain all piping at its lowest level (under air pressure if necessary).
  3. Fill all drain line traps of tubs, sinks, toilets, etc. with anti-freeze solution compatible to the plumbing system, so to prevent back-up of dangerous sewer gases.
  4. Drain and shut off separate hot water heaters. A sign or notice, DO NOT TURN ON WITHOUT REFILLING should be attached.
  5. Disconnect and drain appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.
  6. Tape toilets shut to prevent use. Label clearly: WINTERIZED- DO NOT USE
  7. Faucets and intermediate valves from the shutdown point must be left open to allow for air movement and drainage. This will allow for unrestricted expansion and contraction of any residual water.
  8. Drain or remove any outside water hose connections.
  9. Check operation and condition of heating plant, labeling it operational with the thermostat setting high enough to maintain a temperature of 50 degrees (F) on the remote portions of the house.

Hot Water or Steam Heating System

  • Whenever possible, shut off all inactive branch water-lines as near as possible to the main water line, then follow instructions 2-9 above.

Once the home has been properly winterized, please ensure that there are notices at all entrances to the home that indicates THE HOME HAS BEEN WINTERIZED along with the date.

It’s highly recommended that you have your home winterized by a professional and contact your insurance company with any questions about coverage while your home is vacant. If you need the name and number of a professional contractor, give your Prudential Select Properties agent a call.

Prudential Select Properties St Charles County Office



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