Office Contest- Gilligan’s Island

The Prudential Select Properties St Charles Office kicked off a fun office contest back in August. The theme is Gilligan’s Island. We split the office into 2 teams (Team Ginger & Team Mary Ann) and the Losers will serve the Winners dinner in the end. The concept, two teams competing against each other for points to see who will be winning team, better known as the “Survivors” or the losing team known as “Ship Wrecked”!!!

This weeks team activity was to perform the theme song to Gilligan’s Island for 50 points. The agents did not disappointment. They were dressed in costume, grass skirts, made and brought props from home and even played an instrument. It was a great way to end our sales meeting and start our day around the office. There’s no doubt that the PSP St Charles Office is the Place to Be!!!

Check out the 2 performances below… Let me know who you think should win…

Team Mary Ann

Team Ginger

  My question to you is??? What team is the “Survivor” or “Ship Wrecked”?


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